AirWidgets is the most friendly way to customize your Home Screen with your very own widgets. And not just any widgets, but powerful, useful tools you can count on. Oh, and ones you can truly and fully customize to any aesthetic you like. Add your photos to any widget you want. Apply any theme to any widget. Choose from the largest selection of themes, professionally designed just for you. We can’t wait to see what you do with AirWidgets!


Start by creating your very own widget, choosing from feature-rich Templates covering Photos, Calendar, Custom Text, Weather, Clock, Battery, Music and Activity. Then, customize your new widget by applying any of the 200+ professionally designed themes spanning Colors, Seasonal, Locations, Nature, College, Animals, Art and Architecture. Or, tweak the aesthetic of your widget by hand, any way you like. You can do things like add your own photo as a background to any widget, dim your photo to make the text pop, pick from 30+ fonts, or add any color you like as a background, font color, accent color, or wallpaper color. Lastly add your new widget to your Home Screen, along with matching Wallpaper. With AirWidgets you can make your Home Screen look amazing and unique, with the most useful and powerful widgets.


The Activity widget requires an Apple Watch, and integrates with Apple Health displaying your move, exercise, and stand progress. An AirWidgets Premium subscription removes ads and gives you access to all widgets and themes. Subscribing greatly helps us support you by continually adding improvements. We listen, so please send us your feedback!


Being an indie developer is kind of like being in a band. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but we do genuinely believe in something bigger and aim to have fun doing it. We’re a small passionate team that truly cares. Our mission is to help you get the most out of your devices.