“Honestly, the BEST tuner I have ever used – I’ve been playing guitar for about 20 years. Rock, jazz, blues, some country. I actually started playing classical guitar. Needless to say, I’ve used many tuners..It’s not only better than any app I’ve used, but it’s also way better than my expensive hardware tuners. AND has a ton of cool features. Nothing comes close..”

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“Replaced my dedicated tuner – I drop my phone onto my monitor and it picks up my guitar fine like that. Sweeter tunings and custom offsets are nice because I tend to tweak things that way.”

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“Excellent for keyboard instruments – This app is accurate, easy to use, and will work for any instrument. It is particularly useful for players of keyboard instruments who want to tune in something other than equal temperament. The app offers the largest number of historical tunings I have seen anywhere, and they are well researched and documented.”

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Only the best tuner

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, VITALtuner is simply the best way to tune your instrument. Why? Keep reading and we promise to not disappoint!

  • “I’ve never been inspired by a tuner before.” – The Guitar Journal
  • “The guitar settings options will get you excited…superior design” – Guitar Adventures
  • “Incredibly accurate, very easy to use, and super reliable…the best I’ve ever used” – Award-winning guitarist John Huldt
  • “Honestly, the BEST tuner I have ever seen. Incredible technology!”
  • “This app blows everything else out of the water”
  • “There is no other tuning app which has the breadth of options that VITALtuner has. This will be the only tuner anyone needs” – App Store reviews

Complete tuning solution

  • Just bought your first mandolin and don’t have the slightest idea how to tune it?
  • Want to down-tune your guitar and play along with Jimi?
  • About to go onstage and perform Beethoven’s Violin Concerto?
  • In the studio and the producer is asking for an alternate banjo tuning?
  • Interested in exploring an obscure temperament for your harpsichord?

With VITALtuner the above scenarios are covered with ease. And there is so much more you can do.

Mobile tuning done right

VITALtuner is designed for unsurpassed professional tuning accuracy that you can use seamlessly in any musical setting. A truly universal tuner for all instruments with a state-of-the-art Tuning Engine designed from the ground up to cover the widest range of pitches. From a low C extension on a double bass to a high C on a piccolo, you’re covered!

Tuning modes – Like 4 tuners in 1

4 unique modes designed to cover any musical settings you may find yourself in, regardless of your skill level.

  • Advanced Mode – Unmatched tuning accuracy with a virtual needle that has been perfected for fluid movement and intuitive tuning.
  • Easy Mode – Great for beginners, it offers extra help tuning. Virtual LEDs provide steadier movement for effortless and quick tuning.
  • Stage Mode – Same feel and accuracy as Advanced Mode, but designed to be viewed from a distance. Always clearly visible, on a music stand or across the stage.
  • Bright Mode – Designed for outdoor use when direct sunlight makes screens hard to see.

Feature highlights

  • Tuning Engine – State-of-the-art digital signal processing available only with VITALtuner. Accuracy and pitch detection on par with piano technician tuners worth thousands for dollars.
  • Instrument Tunings – 130 standard and alternate tunings spanning 40 instruments. Choose your instrument and target tuning, and Guide Notes will help you tune.
  • Transposition – Tune down or with a capo.
  • Concert A Calibration – Set concert pitch with 3 decimal point accuracy.
  • Sweeter Tunings – Tuning offsets that are tailored for specific instruments to produce a more balanced intonation.
  • Temperaments – The largest number of thoroughly researched historical and contemporary temperaments.
  • Custom Offsets – Save custom tuning offsets. Add your own Temperaments and Sweeter Tunings.
  • Pitch Generator – Play highly accurate reference pitches using a familiar keyboard layout. Reflects A4 calibration & offsets.
  • Concert Pitch Notation – See detected pitch displayed in standard music notation.
  • SPL (Decibel) Meter
  • Peak Meter
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